La Torreira

A Natural Environment.

La Torreira is located in Campo Lameiro (Sp), 15 Km. far from Pontevedra (Sp), the capital town with the mildest climate of Galicia. Facing South, inSituación de La Torreira. Comarca. the area of the Galician "petroglifos" (prehistoric rock carvings), on the lower slope of the Acibal hill; in a natural environment, with wild horses and 4 Km. far from the Lerez river. A heavenly environment where to enjoy nature genuinely, but with all our present day facilities.

vista general de la finca.

Galicia: The Flavour of Tradition.

Not far from La Torreira, to the south, is Mullerboa, rural centre which still maintains the traditional Galician culture. Traditional plot of land: corn, potato, vineyards, orchard, highly productive cows due to the privilegedVista general de la finca. climate of the area.Private cellars with exquisite white wine; registered milk and the vegetables which have made Galician stew famous world-wide.At one Km. far from the property to the north, La Torreira has a chapel in the Romanic Church of Santa Mariña and the Virgen Del Carmen. In it, the well known Patron Saint’s festivities and the popular pilgrimage of Fragas take place.

La Torreira: Enxebere (Magical).La Torreira: Enxebere (Magical).

La Torreira is a 37.522 m2 manorial property with a totally restored stone-faced house; a characteristic Galician Horrio (for corn storage) made of stone, wood and roof-tiles, located a few meters away from the house; in the old main entrance, a Cross of stone (Cruceiro) with Latin inscriptions; a private paved road and its own spring of drinkable water (approximately 1litre per second). Video mina Cruceiro. Antigua entrada a la finca.

Horreo. Video.(200 kb.)

Vista interior. Uno de los accesos a la casa. The property is fenced by a stone wall and has paths in all its perimeter. The house is located in the middle of the property, protected by a forest of eucalyptus in its upper side and by a lawn in the rest. The private paved road, which crosses the forest of eucalyptus, leads directly to the house, and it surrounds plum-trees, lemon-trees, orange-trees, chestnut-trees, and even walnut-trees, cherry-trees and an ancient olive-tree. Video frutales.

La Torreira has even another forest of eucalyptus, called Cachada de Caneda, enclosed by a stone wall two Km. far to the north and which can also be approached by road.

Enxebere: All Galicia in La Torreira. Characteristic and original.Norte de la finca. Bosque de eucaliptos.

The property enjoys the wonderful panoramic views of the valley of the Lerez river, a river which has much water and ends in Pontevedra’s estuary, and where swimming and fishing can be practised. There are nearby sites with barbecues and picnic tables by the river, those arranged by the Town-hall of Campo Lameiro (10 minutes).


The House.The House.

Fachada Sur de la casa.It has cool cellars in its ground floor, luminous bedrooms in the first floor, a typical Galician kitchen with "Lareira" (‘fireplace’), and a stone furnace, and a wooden upper floor. It also has a large annexed shed of two floors, with parking for several cars in its ground floor. In front of it there is an ancient watering-trough, where the sound of the water falling from the stone pipe can be heard. The water comes from a tank, located in the upper part, which supplies the house with water. This water is completely channelled from the spring called "Fonte dos Corbos", which belongs to the state, and it is of a very highly praised quality. A family can consume its water without fear of shortage, and it can also be used for the complete watering of the state.
The thick stone walls of the house enable the very best arrangement of the housing both in summer and winter. The windows made of wood and glass, typical of Galicia, have window-shutters with traditional lockings.Lareira. Horno de pan.

Vista norte de la casa.A stone staircase, sheltered by a traditional iron gate, leads us to the house ending in a covered lobby, with two doors of solid wood to access independently to each part of the house. In this way the area of the bedrooms is separated from the kitchen and the living room. In the front part, the anagram of Christ and the Virgin can be seen in the North facade, fact that reminds us of the monastic origins of the house.
Telephone, television, running water, electricity, household appliances: all modern conveniences.


Time needed in order to get by car to:

- Campo Lameiro: 5 minutes at a speed of 60km/h maximum.
- Río Lerez: An eminently good place for swimming with spring-boards, tables and spit roasters: 10 minutes.Video
- Pontevedra: 20 minutes at 60km/h maximum.
- Santiago de Compostela by state highway: 60 minutes.
- Vigo by state highway: 60 minutos.
- Lisborn by motorway: 4 hours and a half.
- Madrid by state highway/ motorway : 7 hours.

Airports: In Vigo and Santiago de Compostela.
Seaports: Pontevedra and Vigo mainly, and almost one in each coastal village.
Several trains to Pontevedra and buses from Pontevedra leave you 1km far from La Torreira.

Picturesque and tourist areas.Ría de Pontevedra.

The setting is characterised by magnificent views, tourist places, viewpoints, typical ancient Galician oakwoods ("Carballeiras"), pinewoods and eucalyptus’ woods, rivers, etc.
We should also highlight the Celtic villages, the "petroglifos" (typical rock carvings prehistoric villages), the animals in freedom (mainly horses), the Romanic churches, the "Pilgrimage of St. James" (‘Camino de Santiago’), etc., and all this at a couple of minutes.
In the same way we can also find cities with all the facilities, supermarkets, hospitals, cinemas, discos, restaurants and all this at a couple of minutes too.

Vista panorámica
desde uno de los miradores de la Ría de Pontevedra,
a 30 minutos de La Torreira.

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La Torreira is on rent.

The state can be rent directly, without mediators and with no charges or limitations.
If you are really interested, we can extend this information by sending you photographs or even a videotape. Don’t hesitate and ask for it by contacting us in our fax number (34) 91 515 52 48, or by sending us an e-mail by clicking the icon. nosotros.

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